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About "Joseph Haydn (infinite) Discography"
This discography lists the performance data for each of the vast works composed by great composer Joseph Haydn, which are recorded on site manager's private collection CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, LPs, etc.
Number of listed works : 1,368, Number of listed paformance data : 11,793 (31 December 2019).
Data Items(fields)
Artist(instrument), a.i. : on authentic instruments, (Year Recorded) [Duration] media-type(Omitted:CD, SACD, CD-R, DVD, Blu-ray, LP), Label, Catalogue No, Rating, Link to review article of blog(Japanese)

e.g. "Rachel Podger(vl), Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment a.i. (March 2009) [9:51/5:15/4:02] SACD CHANNEL CLASSICS CCS SA 29309 [+++++] «Review»"
5-level rating by site manager. Best rating : [+++++], worst rating : [+], unrated : [+ur] .
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Daisy : Auther of Japanese blog about Joseph Haydn, travel, onsen, etc : "ハイドン音盤倉庫 - Haydn Recordings Archive". Born and living in Tokyo, Japan.

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